Welcome to Denman Pictures!

We are a family-run production company specializing in science fiction thrillers for film and television.

At the core of the company is the father-son team of Alan and Zachary Denman who combine a multitude of skills [scripting, producing, directing, cinematography, production design, music and editing] and have over 20 years of filmmaking experience in both the UK and US film industries.

“Our challenge as filmmakers is to question the current matrix, the old 3D paradigm we’ve been living in, and expand the way we see ourselves and the world through the films we create. We are in a time of great transition on the planet and are committed to telling stories that will expand reality in some way. We see ourselves as part of a new revolution of evolution! We’ll question everything and this may unnerve some people. But one thing we guarantee: our films will be different and always exciting!”

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